The Power of Plain Ol’ Human Talk

Popular Education, Economic Justice and Civic Engagement “Let’s get on with technology as a way of connecting us to people and places we have never known and have never seen. But let us not give up the power of plain ol’ human talk to do the same.”  »  Read More

Spirit in Action’s Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spirit in Action’s Spring 2015 Newsletter thumbnail

A Letter from Linda Stout Dear Friends, We are at a time of great unrest and unimaginable opportunity. In the words of YES! Magazine, “A new civil rights movement is being born.” We watch in horror as practices that are ages old are brought to light through new  »  Read More

Uniting People for the Benefit of All

Spring is upon us – and as we begin to enter this season of renewal and rebirth, I invite you to join Spirit in Action in celebrating beginnings every day.  There are so many new openings and opportunities for uniting to create change for the whole of humanity. This is a  »  Read More

“We The People” Talks Southern Politics

“We the People” Talks Southern Politics

On Saturday, March 29th, the students from Warren Wilson working with Spirit in Action’s We the People project went out into several trailer parks of Swannanoa, NC – to listen to the folks who lived there. It was a rainy and muddy day, but students came prepared for  »  Read More

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