Linda Stout is an activist and a visionary. In her lifetime, she has identified and worked against injustice within her world, her country and her community. Like so many women - a handful recognized, most invisible - she has refused to be silenced or stopped from building inclusive, direct democracy...


As a powerful speaker & story teller, Linda draws on her own life experience and 30-years of social activist work to present compelling & entertaining keynote speeches to all types of audiences. She speaks on a variety of issues and tailors each presentation to the audience and subject...


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Popular Education, Economic Justice and Civic Engagement “Let’s get on with technology as a way of connecting us to people and places we have never known and have  »  Read More
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A Letter from Linda Stout Dear Friends, We are at a time of great unrest and unimaginable opportunity. In the words of YES! Magazine, “A new civil rights movement is  »  Read More
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Over the past 30 years, low income and working class whites have increasingly moved away from progressive forces and become a core constituency of the conservative right. Progressives have failed to effectively identify common ground and successfully engage in open communication about social issues that unite us rather than divide us. They have often communicated in academic or unfathomable terms that are easily misunderstood by low income people and not conducive to open dialogue  »  Read More

Longtime social justice crusader Linda Stout is the author of two critically acclaimed books, Bridging The Class Divide and Collective Visioning. Bridging The Class Divide tells the compelling story of Linda’s life as the daughter of a tenant farmer, as a self-taught activist, and as a leader in the progressive movement. Collective Visioning details a practical process that enables everyone, even those commonly marginalized, to work together with honesty, passion, commitment, and joy to create a positive, energizing and sustainable vision and most importantly, how to make that vision a reality  »  Read More

What will it take to build a movement for change that can truly win and transform the world? In this compelling video message, Linda talks about listening to what inspires people, healing divisions to ensure that all voices are heard, creating a positive collective vision, and developing an action plan that utilizes everyone’s unique abilities to bring that vision to fruition. By empowering everyone and working together, we can build a transformative movement for change that can win  »  Read More